Enchance mouse performance on VMware Virtual Machine

It is very important that to install VMware Tools in the guest operating system.

With the VMware Tools SVGA driver installed, it provides significantly faster graphics performance.

Example, there is no need to press Ctrl + Alt to release from the virtual machine.

However this works directly in Windows Server 2003, but how about Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7

Steps by steps

Update the driver for the video card to use the WDDM driver that is available when VMware Tools is installed. The virtual machine must be at hardware version 7 or 8 to use the WDDM driver. For additional information, see WDDM and XPDM graphics driver support with ESX 4.x, ESXi 5.x, Workstation 7 and 8, and Fusion 3 and 4 (1016770).

To update the driver for the video card to use the WDDM driver:
  1. Right-click the desktop and click Screen resolution.
  2. Click Advanced Settings.
  3. Click Properties.
  4. Click the Driver tab.
  5. Click Update Driver.
  6. Click Browse my computer for driver software.
  7. Enter this location or click Browse and navigate to it: C:\Program Files\Common Files\VMware\Drivers\wddm_video
  8. Click Next. The driver is installed and you see a screen confirming that Windows has finished installing the driver for VMware SVGA 3D.
  9. When prompted, reboot the virtual machine to enable the new video driver.
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