Lync + AD on the same machine

Some people may want to minimize the resource by trying to make Lync and AD fall on the same machine. Well, there may be a way but it is strongly not recommended, there are 3 main reasons why it shouldn’t

1) By design, Lync is not able to install on Domain Controller

when running the Install Local Configuration Store app, you should be getting this error

“Prerequisite not satisfied: This product cannot be installed on a DC”

2) It is not recommended to install SQL Server on a domain controller. Problem may occur during installation on Domain Controller

3) Lync need certificate and mostly we will use the CA inside the AD

CA needs port 443 and 80 for it web enrollment service and so does the Lync Server. If you do this, none of them will work in the end

However there is a post of how to configure to make Lync and AD on the same machine

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