Steps for HP Blade Firmware Upgrade

HP Blade Server Firmware Upgrade

1.       Firmware

Go to HP site to check the latest and download the following

  • OA firmware
  • HP Smart Update Firmware
  • Virtual Connect Support Utility

2.       Onboard Administrator

Update Active OA in first enclosure from browser. It will automatically update the standby OA

3.       iLO

Usually I will update the iLO one by one by upgrade inside the windows or use the HP Smart Upgrade Firmware. This is another method to upgrade the whole enclosure at one time, but I haven’t try it

Steps for Firmware upgrade per enclosure

i)   Google for XML Script that will allow upgrading all ILOs in the enclosure at once with the need of a FTP server installed.

ii)  Copy ILO .bin upgrade file and XML script to FTP server to a folder with r/w permissions for anonymous, update xml script with ip address of ftp server.

iii) SSH to OA, run command “hponcfg ALL ftp://<ipaddress_of_ftp_server>/Update_firmware.xml” .

iv)  Run per each enclosure. No Impact to your system.

4.       Blade Servers

Regular offline upgrade by mapping ISO through iLO

5.       Virtual Connect modules

Backup a copy of VC Domain configuration from VC Manager GUI and Install Virtual Connect Support Utility. There are 2 methods to use the Virtual Connect Support Utility (VCSU) or you can use the Smart Update Firmware DVD.

Installation Notes for using the component with HP Smart Update Manager and the Smart Update Firmware DVD

  1. Obtain the latest version of the Smart Update Firmware DVD.
  2. Place the Smart Update Firmware DVD on a USB key using the HP USB Key Utility.
  3. Place this component in the directory, /hp/swpackages on the USB key.
  4. Place the USB key in a system which is on the same network as the HP BladeSystem c-Class Virtual Connect module to be updated.
  5. Run Autorun on the Smart Update Firmware DVD from the USB key.
  6. Select the “Firmware Update” tab.
  7. Click the “Install Firmware” link to launch the HP Smart Update Manager.
  8. Follow the GUI to install the firmware on the Virtual Connect module.

Virtual Connect Support Utility – Command Line

i)  Check Firmware Version

ii)  Upgrade Firmware


Virtual Connect Support Utility – Interactive

Interactive mode is very easy and straight forward

i)  Run UPDATE command and answer questions about ip addresses and credentials for Virtual Connect and Onboard Adminstrator
ii) When asked for activation order use “manual”, it will let you reboot VC modules one by one once all of them are upgraded.

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One Response to Steps for HP Blade Firmware Upgrade

  1. albertwt says:

    Hi man,

    Thanks for sharing the steps by steps in here, so can those steps be completed by using HP SUM (Software Update Manager) ?

    if it is not, what’s the upgrade sequence for all the Blade infrastructure to be performed safely ?

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